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We here at Rdub Recordings are proud to finally announce the new launch and arrival of our official website! We have been working our asses off on it to make sure the "less is more" vibe speaks volumes to you and your interests in our artists and releases. We and our roster of artists, including staff, love the fans and what you all bring to us each and everyday. Thanks to everyone at Rdub Recordings, StereoSean, and Something Like M3D1A for putting in the extra work! We especially appreciate all of the fans, you, and your continuing support to make Rdub Recordings one of the hottest and funnest independent labels to work with, support, and represent from Southern California! Thank you, and welcome to the new site! A true music movement. Damn, it feels good. Feel free to browse around, check out some stuff, read up on what's around, listen to some artists' music, watch videos of the latest, news updates, media, download content, hang out, and whatever else quite fits your fancy :) We are very proud of our artists and their music, the art, along with the blood, sweat, and tears they put in to make a product you want to hold in your hand then toss in your stereo! We work hard on our craft and truly try to bring the best artists, music product and style. Be patient with us as we are still adding content to the website, as it is still somewhat under construction. Keep the support up! Join our mailing lists for the latest updates, events, and goodies!

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