Gunpowder Sunset
San Diego, CA
Genres: Rock / Punk / Alternative
Gunpowder Sunset is a Rock band made up of hardworking veterans from the music scene of Sunny San Diego and Los Angeles, California and SLC, Utah. Featuring members from the legendary Southern California Pop Punk band Larger Than Life, The New Addiction, other heavy hitters; Jack's Broken Heart, Parker Theory, The Little Ones, The Milan Conference (UT), and this all star line-up is sure to rock you like a hurricane. Progressing catchy melodies and harmonies, clever lyrics, amazing guitar riffs, and rock solid beats reminiscent of legendary Post Punk era artists such as The Replacements,Joe Jackson, The Police, Elvis Costello and The Attractions, and The Lemondheads, all the way to modern rock artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, Face To Face, Saves The Day, The Living End, The Juliana Theory, The Descendents, Green Day, and many more. Gunpowder Sunset is on the verge of breaking out all while establishing a sound of their own. Writing catchy and well structured songs that everyone can universally relate to and share with is what this band is all about.
Gunpowder Sunset
July 26, 2011
Gunpowder Sunset 2012
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Live at 710 Beach Club
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