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Rdub Recordings was founded by Independent Producer/Recording Artist, Roland Ware. Growing up as a local musician in the Southern California Music Scene of San Diego, Ware was best known for his work in the band Larger Than Life, who toured and broke out nationally, played the Vans Warped Tour, featured on MTV2 as a supported artist during the MTV2 Boom Era, along with a nationally live telecasted appearance on MTV's "Chiller Beach" with Simple Plan, becoming a regional phenomenon in the indie pop-punk world, including 2 major nominations for "Best Punk Album of the Year" at the San Diego Music Awards in 2001 and in 2005, and was also known for breaking internet barriers and being one of the most downloaded bands on mp3.com history next to Blink-182, MxPx, & Lucky 7 during the late 90's and early 2000's, along with record releases internationally in countries including Japan and Australia. After selling over 20,000 records, and attaining an admirable amount of indie success with Larger Than Life, and later after the demise of The New Addiction, Ware decided to focus his expertise in Production on several local bands in San Diego, and Los Angeles, California. At this point, Rdub Recordings was formed as a sole proprietorship in 1999.

While originally intended as a Production Company, Ware soon realized that he had the means and the connections to help bands not only record, but successfully develop, market, and release their records as well. Furthermore, he assisted in breaking many regional bands such as: Death to Juliet (LA), Plane Without a Pilot (CA), The New Addiction (CA), Parker Theory (CA), Save Amos (CA), and The Transit War (CA). Realizing that his strengths lay not only in production but also in the field of talent development, Roland took his best artists and signed them to 360 deals: personally recording, producing, marketing, and managing all of his artists.

Because of the enormous amount of work that Ware pours into each artist, Rdub Recordings is very selective of their artists. The resulting low selection of artists leads Rdub Recordings to function like a highly specialized indie label or a boutique label. A Boutique Label is described by Dr. Stephen Marcone as a midsize company that behaves like a major, but is more selective in its choice of artists.As such, boutique labels tend to focus a lot of efforts on fewer bands, artists, and clients, which is something that Rdub Recordings takes very seriously.

*An independent production recording label
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