Drew Smith
San Diego, California
Genres: Punk / Rock / Alternative
Frontman of Punk Bands, The Rough, Save Amos, as well as lead bassist and back up vocalist for Avenue Army.

*Originally known for providing the backbeat and crackin’ the drum kit behind national heavy hitting touring bands such as Convicted, The Binge, Motionless, Nods To Nothing, and others, including many other fresh projects, you simply won’t find Drew slackin’ or treading water when it comes to his passion and creativity for music..

Stepping out from the comfort of his usual 4 piece punk rock outfit, Drew Smith is now unleashing a different kind of blend, his more intricate, creative side to the alternative, deciding to put together a concept story of new original arrangements to form an amazing tall tale debut solo EP for the true fans of Drew Smith, and anyone else that sips the water and becomes a follower. He is currently in the recording studio with Producer/Engineer, Roland Ware working his upcoming debut masterpiece EP, Black’s Myth, set to be tentatively released in Late 2022.
Debut Single Cover of "Maneater (featuring Roland Ware)”, is available ffor stream and download on all music platforms and in stores worldwide!
More info coming soon.
January 8, 2013
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Drew Smith
Maneater feat. Roland Ware
(Studio Sessions)
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