Plane Without a Pilot
San Diego, California
Genres: Punk Rock
A hard-working 3 Piece Rock outfit based out of San Diego, California. PWP have been combing and touring the US for over 8 years now, sharing the stages with likes of The Ataris, Authority Zero, Amber Pacific, Houston Calls, The Summer Obsession, Fight Fair, The Silent Comedy, Parker Theory, Allstar Weekend, Home Grown, members of Pierce The Veil, and many more!! The band has grown and changed a lot as the years have passed, also learning a lot in this early time span.

PWP play shows non-stop when they aren't in the studio recording or rehearsing. Work ethic and touring is what the guys believe in being the only key to the survival of a real successful band. A band has to work hard to earn their keep.

PWP have released "A Door to Nowhere" (2006) & "Your Name Here x__________" (2005), in their earlier lifespan as a band. Currently, PWP are promoting their debut full-length album titled, "It's About Time and latest release "A Different Point of View: Acoustic EP Volume 1", on Rdub Recordings, both available in stores on iTunes.

As a band, PWP are constantly working on improving live shows and songs. They are always pushing themselves to try different techniques to achieve new sounds and work constantly to perfect the performance as a whole. One of their goals as a band is to entertain any sized crowd they have the pleasure to play in front of. Albeit being a young band, Plane Without a Pilot is a band that is fueled by passion and love for as craft. "We are a band that wont stop working, promoting, and playing until weve reached our dreams."

A Different Point of View: Acoustic-EP, Vol. 1
August 31, 2010
It's About Time
April 30, 2008
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Plane Without a Pilot
Song For You
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