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San Diego, California
Genres: Punk Rock / Alternative / Country
After watching a ton of great Happy Madison Productions Movies, especially one in particular titled, "Happy Gilmore", the band Shooter was formed from the idea between two old close friends, Roger Shadwell (Vocals, Guitar) and Roland Ware (Producer), to quickly then team up with close friend, Thomas Dewoody (Guitar), Chino Prades (Bass), and solidify a tight unit with original plans of having Ware produce the whole project in studio. Featuring 4 members from other hard working contributing punk rock bands, such as Your Favorite Something, Troy's Bucket, 7/10 Split, The City's Finest, and others, these Southern Californian Natives came together during a break in Vans Warped Tour to make one hard hitting timeless emotional rock and roll record with bleeding melodies, heartfelt lyrics, heavy hitting instruments, intricate guitar layering, all while conjoined with country and punk rock influential overtones.
Here at Last
June 4, 2005
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