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Plane Without a Pilot
A Different Point of View: Acoustic-EP, Vol. 1
Album Description:
So Cal Punk Punk Sensation, Plane Without a Pilot, return with their sophomore release, "A Different Point of View: Acoustic-EP, Vol. 1", on Rdub Recordings! This Acoustic EP is filled with 4 brand new tracks with a classic, yet modern touch, filled with renditions of some new pop rock hits, including an exclusive oldie previously released! 'A Different Point of View' is really what these rockers wanted to accomplish with this special edition EP release. A total 180 degree turn from there first full length debut record, "It's about Time", full of punk rock riffs, melodies, and big beats, PWP wanted take a step in a different direction with this album to show how dynamic they really are by releasing a modern acoustic EP with classic pop punk soul bleeding out of your stereo in acoustic fashion.
Track Listing:
1. Off My Mind 2:47
2. All for You 2:59
3. A Little Closer (feat. Tracy Johnson) 3:54
4. Losing You Tonight 4:11
5. Giving Up (previously released) 3:31
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