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Here at Last
Album Description:
Featuring 4 members from other hard working contributing punk rock bands, such as Your Favorite Something, Troy's Bucket, 7/10 Split, The City's Finest, Larger Than Life, and others, these Southern Californian Natives came together during a break in Vans Warped Tour to make one hard hitting timeless emotional rock and roll record with bleeding melodies, heartfelt lyrics, heavy hitting instruments, intricate guitar layering, all while conjoined with country and punk rock influential overtones. With engineers/producers, Jeff Forrest (Blink-182, Atreyu, Incubus) and Roland Ware (Larger Than Life, The New Addiction, Plane Without a Pilot) joining forces to help make, "Here at last" come to life. Debuting their record at a release show to a sold out night in attendance in Ocean Beach, California back in 2005, surely, this record captures what it prides on, putting your mind in a solid state of happiness in true form, making you feel complete.
Track Listing:
Tracklisting Available Soon.
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