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Noel Jordan
Ruin Everything (Single)
Album Description:
If you love true Rock and Roll as much we do, then you don't want to pass up this debut single from this artist. With powerful compositions that make up the EP, "Art of Memory", including such singles as "Ruin Everything" and many more. "Ruin Everything" is the debut single featuring the perfect elements of what Noel Jordan is actually all about. Jordan brings a package of powerful melodic vocals in original acoustic arrangements that is just hard to find in Rock Music these days. Plain and simple. This is a great song and EP. This production also features an array of amazing all-star caliber talent who contributed to the recording performance, helping Jordan's original vision come to life, who put together a batch of great songs; a timeless piece of art. It's best described as Feel Good Original Rock and Roll Music with the perfect element of Pop, Soul, and Power arranged, written, and performed by Noel Jordan.
Track Listing:
1. Ruin Everything (Single)
Liner Notes:
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