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A. Traynor a.k.a Ellaydee, was a Los Angeles based kid with ambitions to move on and live life to the fullest. After growing up, Andrew left L.A. & decided to head more south down the coast of Beautiful Sunny California to San Diego, where he resides. Raised up in the L.A. Hip Hop scene, even interning at High Top Hip Hop Associations and working with artists such as the Visionaries, Andrew learned greatly. Raised up on artists such as Mos Def to a Tribe called Quest all the way to Bob Dylan's Guitar driven folk rock and incredible lyrical merit, and even influenced by The Clash, Ellaydee was formed to bring Incredible Music, an amazing Live Show with Great songs, Proffesionally structured with undeniable hooks. Their based Hip Hop is definently original with Real Time Overdubs of Live guitar driven funk & Rock.

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Track Listing:
1. Like This 2:47
2. Day In the Life (feat. Refuuj) 4:32
3. Somethin' Like A Feelin' 3:43
4. Dunno Why 3:07
5. Simple Dreams (feat. Dan Hauer) 2:41
6. 6 A.M. (feat. Justin Linn) 3:29
7. Blessed (feat. D. Barnes) 3:39
8. CAC 96.9 F.M. Intermission 1 0:20
9. Graviola (I Got To Know You) (feat. Baby Dee) 4:42
10. You Got the Stuff? 3:26
11. The Truth 3:40
12. Just Another Day 2:32
13. Get Down To Get You Up 3:16
14. Down On My Knees 3:58
15. Peligroso (feat. DJ Skeezle) 3:13
16. CAC 96.9 F.M. Intermission 2 0:43
17. Inspiration 3:32
18. Hater Player (feat. Billy Millsap) 4:48
19. Where You Wanna Go? 2:18
20. The Struggle (feat. Tadow) 4:40
21. Cali Weather 3:35
22. Need I Say More 2:26
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