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Moxy Bullets
Moxy Bullets
Album Description:
Moxy Bullets are a bunch of major dudes. They are respected for their catchy hooks, crystal-clear vocals, and power pop rhythms which summarize this amazing four-piece Pop/Rock/Alternative band from San Diego, California. With amazing overtones reminiscent of early Pop/Post Punk Rock Modern era artists such as The Replacements, Joe Jackson, and The Tubes; Moxy Bullets are on the verge of stapling a sound of their own. Moxy Bullets have been playing together for four years, and they met - via craigslist - after relocating from Chicago, New Jersey, Northern California, and the Dominican Republic.
Track Listing:
1. Be There 4:02
2. Kate 3:19
3. There And Back 3:27
4. Take Back The Time 2:53
5. I Guess This Is It 3:33
6. Dear Anne 3:47
7. Right Back To You 3:40
8. Cup And String 4:26
9. Sinking Ship 4:04
10. In My Room 4:45
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