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Plane Without a Pilot
It's About Time
Album Description:
The new breed of an amazing pop-punk band from the roots of Sunny San Diego, California. PWP have been a band for quite a long time, going through countless drummers, yet staying together and grounded as a front unit. Solidifying their final line-up as a solid trio, this band will never stop. This album was a pinnacle release of the year 2008 for punk rock in the Pacific Coast. It was their first national debut full length release. IAT is an album that still speaks volumes upon generations, even years later after it's release...still to this day. You can hear many different overtones of many great influential bands and reminiscent in true 'Pop-Punk Rock Fashion', with likes of Legendary Producer/Engineer, Jeff Forrest (Blink-182, As I lay Dying, Atreyu), and Roland Ware (Larger Than Life, The New Addiction, Parker Theory) signing on to help shape their full length release back in 2008 for their national debut. With 13 hard hitting, dynamical tracks, you lose yourself in nostalgic. Purchase your copy of "It's About Time", if you have not already, and turn it up and roll the windows down!
Track Listing:
1. What I Would Do 3:43
2. Your Best Regret 2:37
3. Day In Day Out 1:50
4. It Doesn't Matter 3:03
5. Going Nowhere Fast 4:18
6. In The End 3:39
7. Everytime 4:38
8. Just Let It Go 3:12
9. Song For You 4:01
10. One Way Ticket 3:26
11. Giving Up (Acoustic) 3:31
12. Never Know 3:00
13. A Better Place 4:01
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